Here's What Coal, Diesel And Global Slavery Have In Common


Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest is best known for his mining interests in Western Australia and his company Fortescue Metals. Increasingly though he is also becoming well known for his philanthropy.

Last year, Forrest donated $65 million to higher education in his home state of Western Australia. He also has a strong interest in helping indigenous people get into the workforce and is chairing the Abbott Government’s review into indigenous employment and training.

Forrest is also passionate about a topic that most people probably wouldn’t think actually exists in modern society: slavery.

Last year his Perth-based Walk Free Foundation (WFF) estimated that there are almost 30 million people in slavery around the world with Pakistan one of the 10 countries accounting for 76 per cent of this total.

Last night in Davos, on behalf of WFF, Forrest announced a deal with the Pakistani State of Punjab to use technology developed at WA’s Curtin University to try to turn Lignite Coal into diesel in exchange for the state trying to end slavery in the region.

“The goal is energy independence for the Punjab and the eradication of slavery in all of the Punjab, a province of 100 million,” he said.

You can watch Twiggy talk about Slavery at Davos overnight here

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