Here's how your life changes when you win a Nobel Prize, according to a Nobel Prize winner

So, I am in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum.

And, if you’ve heard anything about Davos, you’ve likely heard that it’s filled with billionaires, world leaders, etc.

And that is true!

You can’t take a step without seeing a major CEO, hedge funder, or world leader in these parts.

You’ll overhear things like, “I’ve never been so glad to lose $20 million” as you walk around.

I just had a very Davos moment.

I was sitting at a table, minding my own business. There was a nice, older gentleman sitting across the table from me.

After 15 minutes or so, we started talking.

I asked what he was up to, why he was at Davos.

Turns out he’s a Nobel prize winner.

That’s the sort of thing that happens at Davos. You sit across from Nobel prize winners and you don’t even know it.

Anyway, after talking to him for a bit, I asked him what was the biggest thing that changed in his life after he became a Nobel winner.

His answer: “The invitations started flooding in…”

He apparently got asked to speak at all sorts of events.

While he was always smart, suddenly he was an expert in the world’s eyes.

His wife, who was with him, said, “It’s sort of ridiculous, no offence dear.”

Basically, he was just as smart as ever, but thanks to his prize, the world thought he was even smarter.

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