Here's What Amazon's Fire TV Looks Like When You Crack It Open

This week Amazon unveiled its Fire TV — a $US99 set-top box that can stream video, run apps and games, and mirror content from Kindle Fire tablets to TVs. During its press event, Amazon claimed that its streaming box is equipped with more computing power than its Apple TV and Roku rivals.

A few days ago we published big, beautiful photos of Amazon’s Fire TV along with its accessories. Now, the team at iFixit has done their teardown to expose exactly what’s inside the Internet retail giant’s TV box.

Here are some photos of what the Fire TV looks like from the inside:

This is what the Fire TV’s motherboard and internal components look like.

Now we’ve got a closer look at the Fire TV’s internal specs. Amazon’s streaming box is powered by a few different chips, including the same memory chip used in Motorola’s Moto X smartphone and the same integrated Bluetooth 4.0 chip inside the Kindle Fire 7 HDX.

Here’s the heat sink that keeps the box cool. iFixit says the Fire TV “seems to put off a lot of heat,” and I also found the same to be true when I used it at home. As its name implies, Fire TV certainly gets toasty after extended use, but this grey contraption keeps it from getting too hot.

Here’s an image of the Fire TV cracked open alongside its remote, also disassembled. Amazon highlighted the remote’s embedded microphone when it unveiled the device, which supposedly enables super accurate voice search controls. This means you wouldn’t have to type each letter to search for a TV show, game or movie. Turns out, it uses the same microphone as the Kindle Fire HD tablet.

This is the inside of Amazon’s new video game controller. The insides “look pretty standard” for a gaming controller, according to iFixit. The external design looks a lot like Microsoft’s Xbox One controller.

The team at iFixit gave the Fire TV a repairability score of 6 out of 10, with 10 being the easiest to repair. Should it ever fall off your TV stand, it’s possible to fix it with a few screwdrivers and some patience. The insides largely consist of the device’s motherboard, casing and heat sink, so there isn’t much to keep track of once its disassembled, iFixit says.

Disclosure: Jeff Bezos is an investor in Business Insider through his personal investment company Bezos Expeditions.

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