Here's What Ads Might Look Like On The iPad

iPad ad

Media companies are excited about Apple’s iPad, which launches next month, as a potential way to save their dying magazine and newspaper businesses.

One way they’ll eventually want to do that is by enhancing the advertising experience, so they can continue to charge high rates for ads. Some of that will be achieved through targeting an audience better than they were ever able to do in print. But some of it could be achieved through interesting, new ad technologies.

Apple itself could be working on some of those technologies. It recently acquired a mobile advertising company, Quattro Wireless, and its mobile ad boss Andy Miller reports directly to Steve Jobs. And the iPad’s browser will continue to display many Web ads, including Google text ads. (Though like the iPhone, it won’t support multimedia ads that use Adobe’s Flash plug-in.)

But just as startups — such as AdMob, acquired by Google, and New York-based Medialets — have led most of the innovation in iPhone ads, it’s possible they will also lead innovation in iPad ads.

We asked Medialets to send us what it thought iPad ads might look like.

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So you're reading a magazine, and there's an ad on the right-hand page. Want to see more? Click the page curl...

... The ad curls up like any other page in an Apple iBook or magazine... Keep dragging your finger...

... And now it's a full-page ad. There can be interactive features, video, ways to buy stuff, launch the company's Web site, etc.

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