Here's What A Real Windows 8 Tablet Will Look Like

Neowin uncovered the first mockup of a real Windows 8 tablet. It’s called the HP Slate.

It’s a business computer, and the specs include an Intel (not ARM-based) processor, 10.1-inch touch screen, a promised 8 hours of battery life (Intel had been suggesting 9 hours as a minimum spec), and “multi-touch or digital pen” input. (Let the scoffing about digital pens begin.) It’s also supposed to be 9.2mm thick, which is a hair thinner than the latest iPad.

It’s also got a bunch of features for enterprises, like a TPM (Trusted Platform Module) security device, which lets companies encrypt data on a PC so only authorised users can access it.

No word on price or release date, but expect it to come out this fall.

Here’s the ad:

HP Slate

Photo: Neowin


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