Here's What A Future Dominated By Apple Might Look Like

If any company could lead us into digital nirvana, it’s Apple.

But next to no one knows what that future looks like.

We recently talked about Apple’s future with a former employee and he pointed us to this video by Corning. (Corning makes the glass used in iPhones and iPads.)

Corning may make glass and ceramics, but its conceptual videos paint a vivid picture of what an Apple-dominated future might look like.

If anything is clear from Corning’s video, it’s that tech consumers have a lot to look forward to. Smart devices have only begun to enter our cars and homes.

And that’s just the beginning of what the future has in store.

First you'll wake up to a greeting from your smart TV.

You'll be able to interact with your TV like you already can with your phone.

Your apps will follow you around your home while you get ready for work.

Some apps will be interactive, while others will automate things you already do.

Most of the surfaces you use will double as monitors.

A lot of this tech will be child-friendly.

Connectivity will extend to your car, as well.

Virtually all of your car's functions will be wired into a touch display.

Commuters will encounter interactive displays in public.

Wireless Gigabit internet will make videoconferencing on the go possible.

You won't have a work computer. Everything you need will be built into your desk.

Industries like retail will embrace large digital displays.

Shopping will become a seamless, automated experience.

3D TVs -- minus those annoying glasses -- are also on the way

It's going to be a wild ride.

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