Here's What 9 Australian CEOs Eat For Breakfast

We’re told over and over again breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Yet despite this many people say they just don’t have time to chow down on a bowl of cereal or throw back a smoothie.

So Business Insider thought it would be fitting to find out what some of Australia’s top CEOs eat for breakfast to kick start their busy work days.

Here’s what some of Australia’s managers throw down in the early hours of the morning before they launch their working days, and it’s interesting to see that even the busiest CEOs have time for breakfast.

David Tudehope, CEO of Macquarie Telecom

CEO of telecommunications company Macquarie Telecom, David Tudehope relies on a hearty breakfast to get through his packed day.

'I usually start my day with interval training at Bondi Beach before breakfast. Because of my busy schedule, lunches are often rushed and on the fly, so my first meal of the day is incredibly important,' he said.

'I like to use breakfast time to do some reading before the day gets going. I believe the best way to stay on top of your game is to start the day with good food and exercise.

'I always have freshly squeezed juice and a Flat White coffee. I try to make breakfast something special. At the moment, I'm loving Popolo’s scrambled eggs with brioche, salmon & zucchini.'

EatNow founder Matt Dyer

The founder of takeaway food site EatNow opts for a simple Aussie breakfast at home, smashing four Weetabix in the early hours.

'For a busy day ahead, I like to eat four Weetabix with fruit to keep up the energy, followed by a black coffee to wake me up. If I’m really rushed in the morning and don’t have time to step out, then I’ll have a banana and order an early lunch online.'

CareerOne CEO Karen Lawson

For online job site boss Karen Lawson, the first meal of the day is a competitively delicious one.

'There is no better way to 'kick' start your day than Chilli Avo Eggs at Di Bella. Two perfectly soft poached eggs balance on a tumble of diced tomato, avocado, tomato, chilli and coriander on a soughdough slice,' she said.

'It's a party on a plate and is guaranteed to produce severe food envy in my breakfast dining companion. Through experience I now 'strongly advise' ordering it to avoid those pangs of regret when you realise you have been well and truly breakfast trumped!'

Andre Eikmeier
, Co-Founder and CEO of Vinomofo

Online wine retailler chief, Andre Eikmeier starts his day with the other liquid of the gods - Coffee, and while he admits it isn't the best start to his packed day, at least it's a start.

'My breakfast most mornings is one flat white with half a sugar. SO BAD!!! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I know, I know,' he said.

'I do sometimes squeeze in a bowl of cereal before racing out the door, but if I'm honest, it's more often than not just a coffee.

'I don't advise it, but I'm in a bad habit. It's not uncommon for me to hit 3pm and wonder why I'm a bit edgy, before realising I've not eaten anything. In Melbourne I make my own coffee as we have an awesome pro coffee machine and we've all been trained in how to make a decent coffee. In Adelaide I get a takeaway from Argo cafe.'

OneShift CEO and founder Gen George

The CEO of online jobs network OneShift, Gen George said you can't beat an old-fashioned start to the day.

'You can't go past traditional wholegrain oats with berries - long-lasting energy to get through those lengthy morning meetings.'

Alec Lynch, Founder and CEO, DesignCrowd

Based in the US, freelance graphic design marketplace, DesignCrowd CEO Alec Lynch looks for Australian inspiration in his breakfast.

'I'm in San Francisco and every morning I have granola with fruit and an OJ at The Creamery (to start the day on a healthy / positive note). I also have a latte because it's the closest thing to an Australian flat white.'

Daniel Flynn, co-founder of Thankyou Group

CEO of social enterprise Thankyou Group, Daniel Flynn, opts for a healthy start to the day.

'For breakfast I'll either have a bowl of Thankyou muesli or I'll make a breakfast smoothie. I'm a big fan of smoothies because you can pack it full of healthy things and then have it on the run, which is helpful when I've got lots of meetings and I've got to get out of the house early.'

Rozibaby co-founder Tahir Baig

Customisable pram company co-founder Tahir Baig opts for a simple, wholesome breakfast.

'Oats with milk and honey! It's a tasty and wholesome (slow burn) energy source to get me going early in the day, as I need to be ready and sharp first thing in the morning whilst having enough energy to carry me through until snack/lunch time,' he said.

Dave Stevens, Managing Director of Brennan IT

MD of cloud computing company Brennan IT, Dave Stevens is careful not to waste time during his early morning ritual.

'Breakfast, my favourite meal of the day! Banana, blueberries and apple skins. I love the taste of apple but don’t want all the empty calories that are beneath the surface. Light, fast and nutritious. Then I throw a big bunch of cereal on it… Even better!'

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