Here's The Woman Who May Become The First Female Member At Augusta

Ginny Rometty

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Ginny Rometty is the CEO of IBM and one Fortune’s “50 most powerful women in business.” And she is about to become a very important face in the coverage for next week’s Master’s Tournament.Augusta National is a members only golf club that has never allowed a female member. But they have also always offered a membership to the CEOs of their sponsors of The Masters, including IBM. And when Rometty became CEO of IBM in January, it presented Augusta National with an interesting dilemma.

Augusta is also a club that doesn’t like being told what to do. Then again, they are also a tournament that gets to play by their own rules because of their tight relationship with sponsors like IBM. Will Augusta risk that relationship in the name of tradition?

On the surface, this should be a no-brainer for Augusta. But we have a feeling they will at the very least take their time making a decision.

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