Here's The Truth About Google: It's A Success Because Of Page And Brin's Idea, But Schmidt's Leadership

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Photo: AP

What most people don’t know about Google is that it was begun by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, essentially two young men who could create a search engine that works, but they weren’t necessarily interested in managing it.As Google has grown into a super-giant, the management has been left up to management professionals, most recently Eric Schmidt, who has been acting CEO since 2001.

In the fourth quarter earnings report, Google announced that Schmidt would be stepping down and that Larry Page would be coming into the role of CEO for the company.  Surprising to many, Page explained that the management structure needed to be streamlined and this was a way of accomplishing that goal.

Though Page may not have had this role in recent years, he and Brin did act as CEO when they first began the company in 1995.  At that time, Eric Schmidt and the board decided to take over the role of CEO and manage the company’s extensive growth.

While the jokes are certainly flying about Page being ready to take on an adult role, the truth remains: Google is a success because of Page and Brin’s idea, but Schmidt’s leadership. Page and Brin were clear on this when the transition was announced.

Though the day-to-day adult supervision may not be necessary anymore (according to a tweet by Schmidt), it is time for Google to continue to mature.

Larry Page will step into his new role on April 4, and Eric Schmidt will continue to advise him along the way.

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