Here's The Swanky Bash We Threw For All Of Silicon Alley's Coolest People On The Floor Of The New York Stock Exchange

ben parr kathryn minshewMashable’s Lauren Indvik and Ben Parr gathered with two of The Daily Muse’s co-founders at the NYSE.

Photo: Michael Seto Photography for Business Insider

Last Thursday, Business Insider threw its annual SA 100 bash at the New York Stock Exchange. In attendance were some of 2012’s brightest tech stars. They launched companies, sold their startups, and invested in The Next Big Things in New York tech.Wiley Cerilli, a founder who sold his company for $100 million, was there. So were the founders of Stamped, who were acquired by Yahoo last week.

If you missed it — or the swanky after party — we have you covered. Photographer Michael Seto took the party by storm and snapped shots of the entire evening.

Last Thursday, some of New York's most impressive tech people gathered on Wall Street. They were celebrating the annual Silicon Alley 100 list, a group of people who have done the most interesting things in tech this year.

Guests they made their way up to the trading floor, where the cocktail party was being held.

Every person on the SA 100 list was given a $150 shopping spree to Johnston & Murphy.

And all the booze they could want. (That's Flipboard's Christine Cook looking on.)

People started piling in. Lindsey Green with Business Insider's Deputy Editor, Joe Weisenthal (left).

And the trading floor was packed.

NYSE's Michael D'Agostino welcomed guests while Henry Blodget and Business Insider's president Julie Hansen cheered him on.

Phones in the centre of the floor could be used as props. Business Insider writers Mamta Badkar and Abby Rogers took them over.

And the CNBC booth was available for photo ops. Loverly founder Kellee Khalil took advantage of it with Dan Rush of Genecast.

So did many of the other party guests. That's Business Insider's Marketing SVP Emily Allen with colleagues Emilee Alexander and Elaina Gemales.

There was even a screen you could write on that CNBC uses to explain things to its viewers. Here, Business Insider's Deputy Editor Gus Lubin is playing Sarah Seehafer in tic tac toe.

If guests took photos with Instagram, the images were printed out and posted on this wall for keepsakes.

Party goers could even get their shoes shined on the spot.

And of course, no one arrived without their gadgets. Here's the Galaxy Note 11.

Here's Brewster founder Steve Greenwood, who was recognised on the SA 100 for finally launching a contact app he's been dreaming about for seven years.

He was showing his device to Chris Paik of Thrive Capital.

Adam Rothenberg, Director of Techstars NY, with SideTour founder Vipin Goyal.

Karen Klein from Bloomberg and Thrillist founder Ben Lerer with Gawker's Erin Pettigrew.

Gawker's Erin Pettigrew with Shafqat Islam, CEO Newscred (left). That's H.Bloom's CEO, Bryan Burkhart, in the background.

Khalil, SinglePlatform founder Wiley Cerilli and SailThru CEO Neil Capel found each other and chatted on the right. BlueApron's Founder and CTO, Matt Salzberg and Llia Papas, chatted on the left.

Business Insider's Strategic Account Director Danielle Lacombe with CNBC's John Carney. Clusterstock reporter Julia La Roche photobombed them with her smiling face in the background.

Yext's Wendi Sturgis, Brian Distelburger and Allison Tepley with Business Insider's Alyson Shontell.

The video team, Kamelia Angelova, Rob Libetti and Lindsay Campbell circled the scene, interviewing entrepreneurs. General Assembly co-founder Matt Brimer was being interviewed in this shot.

Tech personality Lindsay Campbell cornered Business Insider's Editor in Chief, Henry Blodget, next.

Former TechStars Managing Director and BoxGroup Partner David Tisch chatted with another SA 100 honoree, Fancy Hands' Ted Roden.

Fancy Hands' Ted Roden (left) was number #51 on the list. His company has an army of personal assistants who complete menial tasks for customers.

It looks like Bart Stein (right), Kevin Palms (centre) and Robby Stein (left) still couldn't believe their startup was acquired by Yahoo. Marissa Mayer snatched them up just hours before the party.

Adam Neumann (left) was also recognised on the SA 100 for co-creating a startup work space, WeWork Labs.

Brooke Moreland, co-founder of Fashism, struck a pose in a beautiful Nicole Miller dress from New York startup Rent The Runway.

Meanwhile LiveIntent's Peter Kuhn (left) emailed up a storm.

The Business Insider sales team got a nice group shot.

First Round Capital partner and SA 100 honoree Chris Fralic was there too.

Something on Emilee Alexander's phone seemed to be making her and Lizzie Millstein (second from right) laugh.

SA 100 honorees Jake Schwartz of General Assembly and Dan Reich from Spinback. Reich sold his company to Buddy Media in 2011, which turned out to be a smart move when Buddy Media was acquired for $689 million.

Brew PR's Laura Barganier and April Conyers with their clients, BaubleBar co-founders Amy Jain and Daniella Yacobovsky.

On the far right is Kirti Sirikant and Kallana Warner of Media Contacts.

Eachscape COO Marci Weisler (left) was hanging out with Helen Matsos, Executive Producer of Startalk Radio, Jennifer Welsh, Business Insider's Science Reporter, and Business Insider's SVP of Business Development, Bridget Williams (right).

Business Insider's Tony Manfried, Leah Goldman, Steve Kovach and Jean Kim.

For once, Business Insider's photographer Daniel Goodman got to be in some photos himself.

Gilt Groupe CEO and Business Insider Chairman Kevin Ryan and Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget talked to Activate's Michael Wolf. Wolf is a Yahoo board member who was recognised on the SA 100.

Thrive Capital's Chris Paik hung out with SinglePlatform founder, Wiley Cerilli. Cerilli was #7 on the SA 100 for selling his company to Constant Contact for $100 million.

Business Insider's CTO Pax Dickinson got himself a refill at the bar.

And Jack Daniel's, one of the party's sponsors, flowed.

Another overhead shot of the party.

Business Insider's Advertising writer Laura Stampler hung out with Entertainment Editor, Aly Weisman.

CNBCers talked with with Tim Reed, VP of Global Marketing and Branding for NYSE (second from left).

Business Insider's events operations manager Valerie Reimer (left) posed with her sister.

Moreland and Sales Director Susie Moore grabbed a drink together.

Business Insider editor Alyson Shontell with Lerer Ventures' Jordan Cooper and Ben Lerer.

Campbell and Brooklyn Bridge Ventures' Charlie O'Donnell discussed the tech scene.

The's Rachel Sklar was a trooper and still managed to look stunning on crutches.

Mooreland and Kinda Sorta Media's Lindsey Green together.

BuzzFeed came in high on the SA 100, in large part because its President Jon Steinberg (right) helped the site triple its 2011 revenue this year.

Flipboard's Christine Cook was with DMR Partners' Gayle Meyers.

Business Insider's Tools editor Steve Kovach, Mashable's Lauren Indvik and Ben Parr geeked out on their phones.

Yext's Wendi Sturgis and Bloomberg's Karen Klein got together.

Lerer Ventures Principal Steve Schlafman (right) was another SA 100 honoree.

Khalil and WeWork Labs' co-founder Matt Shampine found each other and bonded.

Mashable's Lauren Indvik and Ben Parr gathered with two of The Daily Muse's co-founders.

Business Insider's Mike O'Neil got together with the Jack Daniel's team.

Business Insider's leading editorial team, Deputy Editors Joe Weisenthal (left), Nicholas Carlson (right), and Henry Blodget in the centre.

Then it was on to the after party. Stay tuned for those photos.

Now don't miss the reason everyone was celebrating. Check out:

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