Brittney Griner Is Also An Avid Skateboarder

The best women’s college basketball player is not only 6-foot-8, but she is also long-boarder (it’s like skateboarding but with a longer board, more cruising, less jumping).

On ESPN this morning, they ran a short segment in which Griner talks about her love of longboarding and how she got started…

Freshman year, when I got here, I saw a lot of students on longboards, and I was like ‘what’s that?’ I only knew about skateboards. It’s funny, because I can’t skateboard at all…Longboard is better for me because I’m pretty big. I guess it balances me out…

Several of her teammates explained how they first reacted (“Are you kidding me?” “She’s going to break her leg.”). But the most interesting reaction was from head coach Kim Mulkey.

Upon learning that Griner was nearly hit by a bus while riding a longboard, Mulkey said it was a testament to Griner’s athletic ability that she didn’t get hurt. After which, Mulkey’s only request was that Griner stay off the streets, noting that as a coach, she can’t “restrict every kid from doing what they enjoy” and “if she gets hurt, she gets hurt.”

Here is Griner on her board…


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