Here's the startup every startup needs - and why its founder wants it to be like meeting Richard Branson

Entrepreneurs have big ideas, but no time. They need a one stop shop, where they can go and get the answers, tools and advice.

And that’s where Entropolis, a digital metropolis for entrepreneurs, comes in.

The brainchild of Tania Price, this digital platform allows entrepreneurs to plug into the solutions they want.

“I realised (entrepreneurs) needed an agile support platform that doesn’t take them a lot of time, energy or money,” she said.

Instead of another Facebook, LinkedIn or Quora, Entropolis offers curation, qualification and community culture.

“The citizens [Price’s name for platform users] will own the city and help shape how it develops. We want participation in Entropolis to shape what we build and when we build it.”

Tania Price, founder and CEO of Entropolis

Last month Price launched the free BETA platform and has over 100 “pioneer citizens” engage. The full subscription-based model will be launched in six to nine months.

Despite being early days the business idea is already grabbing the attention of big name entrepreneurs, including Sir Richard Branson.

Just before the launch Price visited Branson’s Nekker Island on an “entrepreneur connection trip” with 40 others including the founders of Verisign and Open English.

The trip was about networking and sharing ideas. And while Price didn’t officially pitch her startup to Branson, it caught his attention over a casual dinner.

“We were having a casual conversation about life and babies, and then he asked about Entropolis. He was asking a lot of questions and followed up on the talk a couple of times over the weekend,” she said.

For Price, Branson’s interest was validation that her idea was worth pursuing.

“I found the one-on-one conversation much more beneficial than standing in the front of the room giving your five minute pitch,” she said. “I went into it with no expectations. It was great. He was really open and receptive to it.”

Since the trip Price has been approached by three people she met on the island, as potential investors.

While two advisors are still being firmed up with “formal Skype meetings”, Price confirmed one is Nicolette Rankin, founder of Open English, who recently sold out of her $US400 million business.

The most valuable lesson Price took from the experience was “no matter how successful you are, it’s all about meeting the right people at the right time and having the right conversation”.

“I hope that Entropolis can replicate that so people don’t have to fly all the way to Nekker”, said Price.

“There are more than 400 million people worldwide who identify themselves as entrepreneurs… This is filling a gap in the market for an online destination for what successful entrepreneurs need”.

“We knew it was not going to be easy to do but there’s a real opportunity if we can model it the right way,” she said.

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