IS THIS IT? The Satellite Image That's 'Probably The Best Lead We Have' In The Malaysian Jet Mystery

Australia’s Maritime Safety Authority has released satellite images of the debris spotted about 2,500 kilometres off Perth in the Southern Indian Ocean.

Discovery of the object which is estimated to be about 24 metres in length has triggered a full air and water response with five planes taking turns scouring the site and HMAS Success a Royal Australian Navy ship en route.

AMSA rescue coordinator John Young said the imagery is “probably the best lead we have” in the search for the Malaysian Airlines jet which vanished on March 8.

“The images were captured by satellite — they might not be related to the aircraft. The assessment of these images was provided by the Australian Geospacial Intelligence Organisation,” Young said in a press conference.

Australia has been leading the search efforts in the southern search corridor for the past three days.

There’s a full round-up of today’s developments here.

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