Here's The Ridiculously Long List Of Microsoft Marketing Execs Who Have Left The Company

Eric Hadley

Microsoft’s marketing executives are dropping like flies.Adweek reports two top ad men, Richard Dunmall and Marc Bressel, are leaving. This comes days after Gavin Kim, who managed Microsoft’s mobile endeavours, announced he was leaving after only five months on the job and one month after Microsoft fired two Bing execs for misspending corporate funds (on a three-story party palace at Sundance). Eric “Mr. Fun” Hadley is pictured to the right.

Oh yeah, and fired business manager Max Zachariades wrote a long blog post on Tech Crunch yesterday about how Microsoft was a stupefyingly boring place to work.

Here’s a list of the departed:

  • Richard Dunmall: vp of global agencies and accounts, April 2012, destination unknown.
  • Marc Bressel: vp of global marketing, April 2012, destination unknown.
  • Gavin Kim: general manager of Windows Phone team for five months, April 2012, NQ Mobile.
  • Max Zachariades: EMEA business manager, April 2012, unknown but he did write a blog about how boring it is to work at Microsoft.
  • Eric “Mr. Fun” Hadley: general manager for marketing communications for Bing, March 2012, destination unknown (fired).
  • Sean Carver: advertising director for Bing, March 2012, also fired for “mismanagement of company assets and vendor procurement.”
  • Danielle Tiedt: marketing general manager at Bing, February 2012, YouTube (her departure had something to do with high-end hand bags).
  • Jay Sampson: ran emerging media sales, June 2011, Machinima.
  • Carolyn Everson, head of global ad sales for eight months, February 2011, Facebook

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