Here's The Really Weird Thing About Microsoft's Big Tablet Announcement Today

Microsoft reportedly plans to introduce its own tablet later today.

If the reports are accurate, this is a major strategic shift for the company. It is the first time Microsoft will build both software and hardware, copying Apple’s business model.

For such a major announcement, it sure seems to be hastily thrown together. TechCrunch touched on this yesterday, but it’s worth noting again.

In the email from Microsoft to reporters inviting them to come to the press event, Microsoft didn’t even have a location picked out. It just says, come to LA, we’ll email you at 10 AM and tell you where to go.

And it sent the invite out on Thursday, giving people just four days notice. Microsoft has another big event for Windows Phone 8 on Wednesday, in San Francisco. It expects the media to fly to LA from all over the country for one mystery event, then up to San Francisco two days later to cover its phone business.

If Microsoft knew it was making a tablet, and knew it was ready to announce it in June, why would it schedule the press conference two days before its phone event? Why doesn’t it have a venue lined up?

Either this is secrecy taken to an absurd extreme, or Microsoft threw this together at the last second.

We’ll find out in a few hours what it’s all about, so stay tuned.

Here’s the email from Microsoft, click to enlarge it.

microsoft event

Photo: Screenshot

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