Here's The Real Cost Of The SEC Charges Against Goldman Sachs

The SEC is on the brink of announcing a settlement with Goldman Sachs that will cost the firm $550 million.

But those costs are only part of what the company has had to endure since the April 16 SEC charges announcement.

Share price on April 16: $160.70

Share price at today’s close: $145.22

Loss in market cap: $7.97 billion

How long will it take for Goldman to regain its April 16 price?

Update: As commentator Jim DeLong mentioned, the market was also moving down during this time period. So it is unlikely the SEC charges had everything to do with the $7.97 billion. However, it remains to be seen how long it will take GS to regain that value.

Stock price chart, from April 16 to today:

GS 416715

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