Here's The Presentation LeBron James Used To Get Sponsors For His Birthday Party

LeBron James


LeBron James turns 26 next week, but the most marketable superstar in the NBA can’t throw himself just any old birthday party.That’s why a marketing firm has put together this presentation designed to lure sponsors for this “exclusive” VIP event.

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The party to be held at the swanky Coco Deville lounge in Miami’s Gansevoort Hotel, promises “Athletes, Models, and Musicians” as well as “affluent leaders” and “savvy trendsetters.”

Partners — who can buy sponsorships for a minimum of $10,000will be able to “increase brand awareness” through photo ops with LeBron and Friends, contribute to swag bags for the A-List guests, and get VIP treatment for “key stakeholders.”

The event is powered by SA Global Plus, a “multi-media Miami, Florida base company with establish interest [sic] in Music/Television/Film Productions, Event Coordination, Fashion, Social Media, Talent Management, Publishing, Gaming/Goods/Merchandising, and Brand Marketing.”

It also reveals the schedule for LeBron’s upcoming “Dinner Party Tour” in 2011, giving sponsors even more access to his wealthy and fabulous friends.

Even if you’re not a “partner,” you can still RSVP for the party at this website. Good luck with that.

Maybe LeBron needs money for his new house

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