Here's the practical joke flight attendants play on new recruits

Photo: Getty Images / File

It is a surprise to nobody with the possible exception of HR departments that practical jokes on newcomers are a rite of passage in many workplaces.

In the catering industry sending someone to another department seeking a “long stand” or a “glass hammer” is a common one.

Via, here’s a common initial ritual for new members of a cabin crew:

The ‘air test’ is where you tell the new hire that we have to test the air quality on certain flights. You give them a recycle bag and tell them to go catch the air in First Class and then have them do another air catching spectacle for the economy cabin. Upon arrival, we have them hand in their bags full of air to a stunned gate agent.

They also like to warn newcomers that it is not advisable to put dead passengers in the toilet, as it is “not respectful and [the corpse] is not strapped in for landing. If they slid off the toilet, they would end up on the floor.”

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