Salesforce has an Apple Watch app for checking business performance by looking at your wrist

Relationship management experts Salesforce have announced Apple Watch apps aimed at allowing business performance monitoring by glancing at your wrist.

The company announced the app at its World Tour in Melbourne this week, in line with the Apple Watch announcement.

Along with the new Salesforce Analytics Cloud, Salesforce for Apple Watch also includes Salesforce1 and Salesforce Wear Developer Pack.

There’s a lot of hype surrounding the new wearable and many companies like Salesforce have already announced their new apps for the product will be available when the watch is shipped on April 24. Business Insider asked senior vice president of Salesforce Leyla Seka what’s so different about Salesforce for Apple Watch.

Here’s what she had to say.

“The idea that we can create analytics that are easy enough to understand from a watch – watch out, ladies and gentlemen, because it’s about to get crazy up in here.

“Anyone can do it. It’s analytics for everyone.

“A watch isn’t a very big screen, and with a report, typically you want it on a monitor – not the Analytics Cloud. I run the whole of analytics for Desk on my phone, so I think this is just the beginning of phones and wearables.

“Apple is just such an elegant company, so to see our Analytics Cloud running on that and driving insights right from your wrist – it’s awesome!

“We’re very excited to be apart of any partnership with Apple, they’re a great company. But I think the thing we are most excited about it that we’ve created an analytics application that’s easy enough to use on a watch interface… It’s good news.”

Saleforce Analytics Cloud was built to bridge the gap between insights and action by using data from a wide range of sources — not just Salesforce – and display it on mobile and wearable through its game-inspired user interface.

“In all my years at Salesforce I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited about a product as I have been about Analytics,” Seka says.

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The writer was a guest of Salesforce at The Salesforce World Tour.

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