The One Sports Fan Everybody Loves To Hate

Last night, Florida State  was playing Stanford for a trip to the College World Series. But the action on the field was overshadowed by an entertaining and head-shaking scene in the stands.

In the fourth inning, a ball was hit down the right field line that was clearly fair. One fan, not knowing what was going on, ran over to the fence and grabbed the ball.

After being told of his mistake, that’s when our fan, in all his short-jean-shorts-with-biker-shorts-underneath glory tried to go play it cool and hope nobody would notice. He was wrong…


Of course, security did find him (we’re sure gold shorts guy didn’t help) and escorted him out. But our hero wasn’t done. That’s when he decided to put on a show…

College baseball fan

Photo: ESPN

You would think this fan would no longer be a menace to this game, but you would be wrong. Later on, a Florida State outfielder went tumbling head-first into the stands right where our superhero fan was sitting. But of course, the fan was not there to save the poor outfielder.

But who did get the foul ball? Yellow shorts guy, of course…

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