Here's The New Tagline Avis Will Use After 50 Years Of 'We Try Harder'

AvisDDB’s first ever Avis ad.

Photo: DDB

Avis will drop its famous tagline, “We Try Harder.” The tagline was penned by DDB’s Paula Green in 1962 when the then-No.2 car rental company tried to explain to its new ad agency why anyone would choose the runner-up brand over Hertz, the biggest company.The new tagline will be “It’s Your Space,” and it comes from Leo Burnett, according to Ad Age.

Avis abandoned its historic positioning after hiring a new CMO last year, Jeannine Haas.

Often, a new client executives’ first order of business is “Change for change’s sake!” In this case, change may be merited: Avis is now the No. 3 rental chain, behind Enterprise and — you guessed it — Hertz.

Here’s a look at the new campaign:

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