Here are the movie posters released today for both the new Avengers and James Bond movies

It’s an exciting day for blockbuster fans.

Showcasing what a massive year 2015 is for cinemas, we’ve just been given two posters for huge releases on the same day. Well, sort of.

The first is a great look at Ultron from Avengers: Age of Ultron, which will be out in the US on May 1.

Fans might note he’s striking a very Tony Stark-like pose there:

Picture: Marvel Studios

The other “poster” is more a sign of our increasing obsession with teasers and spoilers. Believe it or not, this is a teaser for a teaser poster coming tomorrow for the new Bond flick, Spectre, which will premiere in Denmark on October 23:

It’s not like either studio needs to build anticipation for movies that are very likely both going to break some box office records. But they have, and we’re still excited.

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