A tour of the most expensive Airbnb listing in San Francisco

There are nearly 5,000 Airbnb listings in San Francisco, but some are nicer than others.

The most expensive listing we’ve seen is a Pacific Heights mansion called Travive.

The chateau-style home, which has 10 bedrooms and can accommodate over 16 people, goes for $US7,010 a night.

And that gets you quite a lot.

Travive was built by Albert Farr in 1916. It's in a quiet residential neighbourhood.

When you come in the front door, you're greeted by an enormous winding staircase, a chandelier, and a piano for entertainment.

Here's that winding staircase from above.

The mansion has many living rooms that can accommodate extra guests if needed.

Nothing says 'you've arrived' like these candle-style light fixtures.

There are six bedrooms in the house, each with large beds and designer furniture.

Some bedrooms, like this one, have sprawling views of San Francisco.

Here's what you'd see out that bedroom window at night.

This bedroom even has its own living room.

There's no such thing as drawing the short stick on bedrooms.

This four-poster bed will make you feel right at home when it's time to end the day.

The bathrooms are pretty sweet, too.

This living room, with a bar and large bay window, is perfect for party hosting.

This lounging area is one of the home's more casual spaces.

It's easy to imagine yourself curling up with a book in this wood-clad living room.

This is where you'd gather around the fire after a long day.

The mansion has two dining areas. This one is adjacent to the kitchen.

This would be for your more casual meals.

This is the mansion's main dining room. It's like something out of 'Downton Abbey.'

You could make anything in this kitchen.

It has an island and plenty of stove space for cooking multiple dishes at once.

While you're walking around the mansion, you may notice stained-glass windows like these.

Or detailed wood moldings like these, reminiscent of a past era.

Outside, there's a patio with breathtaking views.

It's an entertaining space fit for a king.

With views like these, $7,000 a night sounds almost reasonable.

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