Here's The Moment When Andrew Lohse Reached His Tipping Point With Dartmouth Frat Life


Photo: jasonbain via Flickr

Rolling Stone’s feature on Dartmouth hazing recounts a long downward spiral for Sigma Alpha Epsilon brother, Andrew Lohse.Ultimately, there were a lot of things that prompted Lohse to write an editorial condemning frat culture and sparking a debate about hazing on campus, but it’s clear that there’s one incident (around Homecoming) that really changed him.

From Rolling Stone:

In the story he tells of this incident, Lohse was walking across the college green, near a roped-off area where the annual homecoming bonfire would be held the next night. As he cut across the “restricted area,” a campus security guard ordered the boys to leave. What followed was, depending on one’s reading, a profound expression of drunken entitlement, or “an existential act of rebellion,” as Lohse maintains. “I can walk wherever I want to walk,” he told the guard. Then he picked up a plastic folding chair and tossed it in her direction.

Lohse was escorted to the college infirmary and given a Breathalyzer, which registered his blood-alcohol level at 0.24 – three times the legal limit. Arrested for disorderly conduct, he was handcuffed and taken to the county jail. Sitting on a bench, waiting for his mother, he considered what had become of the overachieving boy who followed his grandfather to the Ivy League. Whatever the true nature of the Dartmouth Man, he had consumed what remained of Andrew Lohse.

A night like that might change our minds too.

Now see what Andrew Lohse had to do>

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