Here's The Moment LinkedIn Became A Publicly-Traded Company

LinkedIn NYSE

Photo: LinkedIn via Flickr

Today, LinkedIn became a publicly-traded company.That means Reid Hoffman and other LinkedIn executives spent the morning on the NYSE trading floor ringing the opening bell.

We got a hold of some of the photos from LinkedIn’s PR people.

Inside, he meets with fellow LinkedIners Ellen Levy (right), CFO Steven Sordello (behind) and founder Reid Hoffman.

It's hectic as the group fights their way through the NYSE trading floor.

As they push their way to the podium, the group is surrounded on all sides.


At last, everyone congregates at the podium.

The bell rings and Hoffman, Weiner, Sordello and Levy cheer.

It's official, LNKD is a publicly-traded company.

That was just the start of a great day. Check out the rest of the team's good fortune:

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