Here's the low-budget 'Star Wars' trailer you've been looking for

Woo. Picture: Dumb Drum/YouTube

California-based YouTube artists Dumb Drum have unleashed their low-budget version of the latest “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” trailer.

Dumb Drum specialise in this sort of thing, known as “sweded” versions of CGI-laden blockbuster trailers. Check out their channel and you’ll find they’ve been in the game for nearly 10 years, recreating cardboard-laden trailers for Nightmare on Elm Street, The Dark Knight Rises and Avengers movies.

What’s great about their releases are they’re still as low-budget as ever, yet the quality of Dumb Drum’s work gets noticeably better.

You’ll have to watch the full clip, or you’ll miss out on some great background humming, but here’s some quick highlights.

BB-8’s motion is impressive. Very impressive:

JJ Abrams panning technique, with the bonus of a dog filling in for wounded Rebel scum in the background:

Finn firing up Anakin’s old lightsaber is genius:

And they’ve nailed the dogfight scenes:

But the pinnacle is the Millennium Falcon’s jump to light speed:

Dumb Drum’s “Avengers: Age of Utron trailer” is their most popular effort yet, pulling 2,400,000 views. But “The Force Awakens” is off to a great start. Here it is in full, but be sure to watch the side-by-side version after:

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