Here’s the LG G5’s Australian pricing and release date

Photo: Antonio Villas-Boas/Tech Insider.

LG’s latest G5 flagship smartphone is just about to land on Australian shores, and it presents a very interesting choice for buyers, offering a modular design where you can add parts to the phone.

It’ll be landing in Australia on May 2 if you get it through Optus or Harvey Norman, while Telstra customers can grab the device on May 3. Anyone who preorders it through Harvey Norman will receive a free CamPlus module which adds a bigger battery and camera grip.

If you’re buying outright, it’ll set you back $1,099. Carriers are yet to give their official pricing, but expect it to be priced around the same as Samsung’s Galaxy S7.

On top of the phone’s dual-lens camera setup, the other big feature is the ability to add what LG is calling “friends”, which are modules that plug in with the phone. All of the main ones will be available in Australia next month.

As mentioned above, the CamPlus is one of those, and is priced at $129 if you buy it by itself. There’s also a 360 Cam, which as the name suggests, shoots 360 degree photos and videos which is priced at $399. For audiophiles, the Hi-Fi Plus module will be available for $229.