Here's everything we know about WeWork's layoffs and next steps as the co-working giant looks to right itself

ReutersWeWork offices in San Francisco.
  • WeWork pulled its IPO after mulling a massive valuation cut to drum up investor interest. Cofounder Adam Neumann is out as CEO and chairman. Now, WeWork’s new leadership is looking to shutter or sell off businesses, and slashing jobs.
  • We’re tracking how we got here, and what’s next for WeWork after it nabbed a lifeline from SoftBank.
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Here’s everything we know about what’s going on inside WeWork:

Plotting a path forward

SoftBank bailout

Fallout after the failed IPO

Neumann’s personal finances

Neumann’s exit

Tanking valuation

Financials, business history, and real estate

Coworking rivals

Road to the failed IPO

Neumann’s leadership

SoftBank’s role


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