Here’s The Latest Weird Stunt Video-Sharing App colour Is Using To Save Itself

colour commercial

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colour is launching a few “commercials” on its YouTube channel to try and drum up support for the app, which has now pivoted to video sharing from photo sharing.Here’s basically what’s in it: 10 seconds of actually using the video-sharing app, and then about a minute of making out and breaking the law.

colour is a bit of a weird story — it raised $41 million in its first round of funding, but the first app was a total flop. Then it pivoted to video sharing, and now it’s trying to spread the word.

Looks like it hasn’t been all that successful: most people hated the commercial (which is confusing as heck) and the reactions aren’t all that positive on YouTube.

We’ve included one of the commercials below. You really have to just watch it for yourself. Thanks to AdAge for spotting this one first.