Here's The Latest Viral Video Of Elizabeth Warren On 'Class Warfare'

elizabeth warren

Photo: MASSSTATEGOP via YouTube

Clearly looking to duplicate the success of their last viral video, Massachusetts GOP is out with a terrifying new attack video against Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren that suggests she is about to launch a violent assault against the rich. The video mashes up clips of Warren saying she has “thrown rocks at people that I think are wrong” with clips from the last viral video, in which Warren states that “there is nobody in this country who got rich on his own.” And just in case the message isn’t clear, the GOP video editors added lots of camera wobbling, blurry images, and an ominous soundtrack to get their point across.

The overall effect is to portray Warren as a hostile class warrior who will redistribute your wealth using whatever force is necessary. The ad even goes so far as to imply that she may even come after “you” if you get in her way.

Watch the video below:

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