Here's GM's 'Tasteless Ad' Featuring Einstein That A Judge OKed

Einstein gm ad

Photo: The Car Connection

Back in 2009, General Motors ran an ad of a muscular Albert Einstein that landed it in hot water with a university in Jerusalem over trademark infringement.Now a judge has sided with GM, ruling that anyone shoud be able to use the image however they like, “even in tasteless ads,” according to Courthouse News.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a beneficiary under Einstein’s will, sued the car maker in 2010 after the ad for the 2010 GMC Terrain ran in an issue of People magazine.

Although the university asked the court to extend its right to Einstein’s image to 70 years, U.S. District Judge Howard Matz found that 50 years after a celebrity’s death was a good balance, according to Courthouse News.

Einstein died in 1955 in New Jersey.

Judge Matz also wrote that it should it be more than obvious to anyone who saw the ad that neither Einstein nor the university endorses the GMC Terrain.

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