Here’s The Hilarious New Old Milwaukee Ad The Company Has Been ‘Hiding’ Since June

Old Milwaukee

[credit provider=”Old Milwaukee / YouTube”]

Over the last year, Old Milwaukee — maker of middling-at-best discount beer — has become one of the most innovative and frustrating marketers of brews in the country. The company’s strategy is to “hide” its hilarious ads — which have starred Will Ferrell and Jose Canseco — and then see how long it takes for its fans to find them.The Ferrell and Canseco ads were shown only on broadcast TV in tiny local spot markets, like North Platte, Neb. Then someone (probably the company) shot them with a mobile phone camera as they played on TV, and uploaded that to YouTube.

Adweek’s Tim Nudd has done yeoman’s work to unearth them and bring them to the public’s attention. This most recent commercial (below) was published on YouTube on June 25 but has been seen by only 301 people, until today.

It’s fantastic: Two guys repeatedly ask each other, “Hey pass me a beer,” and the other one then delivers a can in the most roundabout, ridiculous way possible. Nudd reports that Old Milwaukee has essentially declined to tell anyone that the spot exists. A Facebook competition associated with it has gotten only 13 entries thus far. Old Mil’s Twitter stream is, to put it politely, a less than useful guide to what the company is up to.

The strategy is either some sort of reverse psychology ploy intended to gain the attention of bloggers and fans, or it’s plain old incompetence.


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