iphone 5 ad hand thumbApple’s iPhone 5 ad: Thumbs up?

Photo: Apple /YouTube

Apple’s first TV commercial for the iPhone 5 (below) is titled “Thumb” and touts its new larger screen in relation to the size of your hand and the radial sweep of your thumb. The spot asserts it’s just “common sense.”Apple’s ad agency is TBWA/Media Arts Lab.

Watch all four of the new iPhone 5 spots here>
The ad began airing on network TV in the U.S. late Friday evening, the same day the phone first went on sale. It was posted to YouTube sometime after 9 p.m. (The timing is interesting because those hours are when viewership is at its lowest.)

Apple doesn’t need the publicity, of course. The launch of the new product is an event that earns its own free media.

But Samsung has dogged the iPhone 5 launch by counter-programming with ads that spoof Apple fans, who stand in long lines for small phones with tiny screens. Samsung even bought the name “iPhone 5” on YouTube so that people searching for video of the new device would see results for the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Now Apple is finally out of the gate with its own campaign. The ad is co-branded with Verizon in the metro New York market.



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