Here’s The Final Tally On Google’s Acquisition Spree In 2011

sergey brin money

Google spent about $1.3 billion to buy 79 companies last year, the company revealed in its annual financial filing.

That’s almost twice as many as the 48 acquisitions it made in 2010.

That counts only acquisitions that were completed during the year. So the $676 million buy of travel information service ITA counts, even though it was announced in July 2010. And the massive $12.5 billion buy of Motorola, which was announced last August, isn’t in there because it hasn’t closed yet.

Another interesting note about Motorola: those 17,000 patents that Google is getting through the deal will have an average useful life of 6.3 years. At least that’s how Google is accounting for them financially.

So will Google lighten up in 2012?

No way. From the section entitled “Trends in Our Business”:

Acquisitions will also remain an important component of our strategy and use of capital, and we expect our current pace of acquisitions to continue.

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