Here's the Feng Shui financial forecast for 2017, the Year of the Rooster

Building a giant rooster lantern in preparation for the Year of the Rooster in Kaifeng, China. Barcroft Media via Getty Images

The CLSA Feng Shui Index, a tongue-in-cheek financial forecast, has been released showing a shaky path higher for investors as they enter the Chinese Year of the Rooster.

This year’s index by Hong Kong-based investment house and broker farewells the mischievous Fire Monkey and welcomes the year of the Fire Rooster.

Feng Shui is a mystical system used in China seeking a balance between people and the elements of the world. Feng Shui masters are regularly consulted, sometimes at great expense, to make sure buildings about to be constructed are sited in harmony with its surroundings.

This is the 23rd year of the CLSA Feng Shui Index.

And in 2017, says the index, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng, after scratching aimlessly for the first couple of months, will claw its way upwards to rule the roost around July/August.

After a few ups and downs, the Earth Rooster loses his grip but still manages to end the year on a higher perch overall.

“Our Feng Shui Master warns that it’s not so much a matter of picking your element as picking the right time for the element,” CLSA says.

“Wood starts the year in the ascendency, Fire influences from May to July, Earth from August to September, Metal October to November and Water at year-end.

“In terms of sectors we can expect scraps from both Gaming and Transport from May thru July, with the tables turning by November/December.

“Oil & Gas, Utilities, Tech and Telcos will shine mid-year, but produce scant pickings by the second-half.

“The spring chicken is true to its name in terms of Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals, which is the Rooster’s top sector pick in April, while Renewables strut their stuff in August.”

In general, the Rooster predicts fiery returns for Gaming, Transport and Renewables for the overall year.

Here’s the path of the Hang Seng as mapped by the Feng Shui experts:

Image: CLSA

2017 promises to be a healthy, wealthy year for those born under Snake and Horse signs, while love is in the air for the Rat and Ox.

Dog, Monkey and Pig zodiacs will enjoy profits but will need to work hard. Rabbit signs should display caution when driving. Of the 12 zodiacs, Goats will have the toughest year.

In 2016, the CLSA Feng Shui Index predicted monkey mischief.

“We correctly forecast the rise of the Hang Seng from February to March, but by April/May someone spiked the coconuts and some serious trickery occurred resulting in a few unexpected bumps,” CLSA says.

“We accurately forecast a drop in the Hang Seng on 24 June and sure enough, the day after the Brexit vote the Hang Seng plummeted 1,000 points.”

CLSA says its Feng Shui Index is a play on the influences of the Chinese Zodiac on the Hang Seng and is “purely for entertainment purposes”.

Chinese New Year starts on January 28 this year.

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