Here's The FBI Report That Classifies The Juggalos As A Criminal 'Gang'

JuggaloA Juggalo.

Photo: aaaaavry / Flickr, CC

The Insane Clown Posse — a white rap group whose members paint their faces like clowns — is planning to sue the FBI for classifying its fans, who call themselves “Juggalos,” as a criminal gang.Here’s is the FBI’s “National Gang Threat Assessment,” which describes the Juggalos — without any hint of irony — as a ” a loosely-organised hybrid gang … rapidly expanding into many US communities”:

“Most crimes committed by Juggalos are sporadic, disorganized, individualistic, and often involve simple assault, personal drug use and possession, petty theft, and vandalism.”

JuggaloA Juggalette.

Photo: FBI / ATF

The section on the Juggalos is accompanied by this photo of a woman posing with a gun. It carries the filename, “juggalette-with_possible_firearm.”The annual “Gathering of the Juggalos” is going on right now, at Cave-in-Rock, Ill. It’s basically a sort of drug-fuelled, booze-drenched Woodstock that attracts up to 100,000 suburban youths, annually. Here’s a description of what it’s like, per the Village Voice: It makes the Mardi Gras ritual in which women gather strings of beads look tame.

And now we’re throwing taxpayer dollars it.

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