Watch The Evolution Of The Quaker Man

Evolution Quaker manEvolution of the Quaker Oats Man

Photo: Quaker and [email protected]

At the beginning of the year, without so much as a press release, Quaker Oats gave the Quaker Man a makeover.Did the PepsiCo-owned company actually think it could get away with this logo redesign unnoticed?

The Quaker Man was born in 1877 and has undergone many instances of reconstructive surgery. In the last year, alone, Quaker has introduced two new logos—some designs attempting to emote a svelter and “lighter” image.

The birth of the Quaker Man in 1877.

The Quaker Man head shot was drawn by Jim Nash in 1956.

Harold Sundblond, best known for his Santa Claus illustrations for Coca-Cola, coloured in the Quaker Man in 1957.

Then things got weird in the 70's. Here's Saul Bass' 1972 interpretation of the Quaker Man.

The typeface stayed weird through the late 1970's.

Eventually Quaker's logo reverted to normal-ish with a throwback to Harold Sunblom's 1957 design.

More recently: same dude, different background.

In 2010, Quaker adopted the font Archer (also used by Newsweek and Wells Fargo) for their new logo. It was an attempt by New York-based brand consultancy Wallace Church to make the packaged food look lighter and healthier.

So a box of Quaker's True Delights dark chocolate raspberry almond granola bars changed from this...

... to this. (Losing the brown package colour might have helped, too.)

2012: Enter the two-tone background Quaker Man. Doesn't he look skinnier?

Here's a Life cereal box with the old logo...

... and here's the new one. (Without a picture of the kid). Like the change?

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