Here's The Epic View From Steve Ballmer's New Office

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has leased the top office floor in a massive new high-rise going up in a suburb of Seattle, according to a report.

An unnamed source told the Puget Sound Business Journal that Ballmer will take over the entire 30th floor of the new 400 Lincoln Square building being built by Kemper Development in Bellevue, Wash.

Set to be finished in late 2016, the building is across the lake from Seattle and a short distance from Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond.

The top office floor will cover 23,500 square feet and will be about 450 feet above the ground. The only floor above this office is reserved for a restaurant.

Ballmer and Kemper have not confirmed the report, but if it’s true, he’s going to have some incredible views, according to the project’s website.

The southern view shows Mt. Rainier about two-thirds of the way to the left, and Lake Washington in front of downtown Seattle (that cluster of tall buildings in the distance to the right):

To the north, the views are partially obstructed by another high-rise, but there’s still plenty of water and mountains to see:

Ballmer stepped down from Microsoft’s board of directors when he bought the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team last year, but he’s still the company’s largest individual shareholder.

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