Here's The Email A Federal MP Sent Canvassing Votes To Get Sky News On In The Parliament Gym

There’s a vote being taken on which broadcaster should grace the screens in the parliamentary gym (Photo: Getty/Andrew Sheargold)

After a stand-off over what TV station MPs should watch in the parliamentary gym, Tasmanian Liberal MP Andrew Nikolic sent this email to colleagues in an attempt to drum up support for his channel of choice: Sky News.

Tensions over what to watch while exercising boiled over when a group of Liberal MPs watching Sky in the gym were approached by Labor Senator Claire Moore, who wanted the television switched back to the ABC.

After Moore and the Liberals became locked in a stand-off, gym staff decided to conduct a poll on which broadcaster the nation’s politicians prefer.

Here’s the email Nikolic, the member for Bass and a former army officer, sent to his fellow MPs. It was passed to us by a parliamentary source.


I regret to inform you of drama at the gym yesterday morning, when a Labor Senator demanded an immediate switch from SKY News to ABC News because: “we’ve been watching ABC news here for 15 years.”

When asked, a number of other gym users expressed satisfaction with the channel remaining on SKY and so it remained. The subsequent sound of huffing and puffing remains indelibly etched in my memory!

This morning the Gym Supervisor advised users he had been approached to take a poll on news channel preferences.

Gym users are therefore invited to express a view on this strategic issue.

I encourage you to vote for SKY News on the basis that:

• It does not involve socially-progressive commentators sitting on couches endlessly reciting Labor talking points; and
• The sports coverage on SKY is vastly superior.

The email contact at the gym to record your preference is: [email address removed] Please support this ‘once-in-a 15 year-change’.

Kind regards,

Sadly for The ABC, votes appear to be falling largely on party lines and this means The Coalition’s parliamentary majority could see Sky confirmed as the approved media for politicians as they work up a sweat.

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