The credit rating for every country in the world

Picture: Getty Images

Here’s the current long-term credit rating of every nation covered by Moody’s Investor Services.

It even includes which ratings are on positive watch, laying the foundation for a potential upgrade, and those on negative watch, signaling a potential downgrade in the period ahead.

Investment grade debt ranges from Aaa all the way down to Baa3, with speculative debt, known as junk bonds, anything Ba1 or lower.

Essentially, the further out on the chart you move, the more creditworthy the nation is deemed to be in Moody’s opinion.

“The historic default rate for Aaa-rated obligors is negligible, across all horizons,” says Moody’s. “As one moves down the rating scale, default risk rises.”

Australia, at Aaa, retains the top credit rating with a stable ratings outlook.

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