Here's The Casting Call Randi Zuckerberg Sent Out Looking For New Yorkers In Tech For A New Reality Show

Hermione Ways freaks out startups silicon valley

Bravo’s “Start-Ups: Silicon Valley” has only aired two lackluster episodes, but Executive Producer Randi Zuckerberg is already looking to cast another like-minded show in New York City.Zuckerberg told The Wall Street Journal last week, “I’ve been here (in Silicon Valley) for 7 years, and know that after 10 p.m. it gets a little quiet.. Even when it’s daylight, most techies spend countless hours in front of a computer or a white board — not exactly television material.”

Zuckerberg hopes that a New York-based show will draw “big personalities” in the startup world. She added that the show is still just an idea, but she will move forward if able to find colourful personalities for an East Coast-based cast.

But we have some casting ideas of our own … The coolest people in New York Tech this year.

See what Bravo is looking for in the below casting call:


BRAVO is now casting CONFIDENT professionals with BIG PERSONALITIES in the STARTUP WORLD for a new reality series.

Do you have the next big StartUp? Are you an entrepreneur, engineer, designer, salesperson for a digital company, venture capitalist, blogger, vlogger – anything that relates to startups or entrepreneurship?

We’re looking for people living in New York… and who have a full time career and a full time lifestyle!

Single or in a relationship… gay or straight… as long as you live your life to the fullest (and are confident in who you are), we want to meet you!

Please submit a photo, profession, a little bit about your story, a link to your Facebook or Twitter accounts and your contact info to: [email protected]


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