Here's The Cancer Council's Simple Advice On Those Ridiculous Rumours About What Causes The Disease

SunscreenPhoto: Getty / Joe Readle

If you took notice of everything written about cancer, you wouldn’t be able to make a decision on what to eat, drink or how to exercise.

Cancer Council Australia spokesperson Terry Slevin says you’d be too scared to leave the house if you believed everything on the internet about cancer.

“We get asked all sorts of questions about cancer, everything from whether lipstick will give you cancer to whether you can cure yourself with baking soda,” Mr Slevin said today.

The message is simple: don’t smoke; do eat a balanced diet and be active; avoid harmful UV radiation; limit your alcohol consumption.

A new global scientific report released today for World Cancer Day shows that cancer is the biggest cause of death worldwide.

The World Cancer Report also predicts that cancer incidence will increase by 75% over the next two decades.

Australia has one of the world’s highest cancer incidence rates, third in the world behind Denmark and France, largely because of an ageing population.

To help Australians sort cancer fact from fiction, Cancer Council has created a mobile app for its iheard website.

The latest ‘fact’ busting on the website is: Sunscreen and cosmetics like foundation contain nanoparticles which cause cancer.

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