Here's the brutal hit that the Colts believe injured Andrew Luck

On Tuesday the Indianapolis Colts announced that Andrew Luck will miss 2-6 weeks with a torn ab muscle and lacerated kidney.

Depending on the recovery, Luck might miss just one game (the Colts are on a bye this week) or he might be out until nearly the end of the season.

During a telephone press conference, coach Chuck Pagano said the team believes Luck sustained the injury on a scramble early in the fourth quarter during the Colts’ Week 9 win over the Broncos.

Around the NFL tweeted a link to the video of one of Luck’s¬†scrambles, and while it’s unclear if it is the hit that injured Luck, it matches the criteria. It was a brutal hit:

Luck is also fortunate that he didn’t hurt his neck on the play:

It’s worth noting that there doesn’t appear to be anything dirty about the play — it was simply a hard hit from two defenders. As can be seen, amazingly, Luck jumped right back up from the hit and finished the game for the Colts’ best win of the season.

For Luck, this another incident in what’s been a brutal season. He was sidelined with a mysterious shoulder injury that at one point put him behind a recently hospitalized Matt Hasselbeck on the depth chart. It was later reported that Luck had been dealing with fractured ribs which were supposedly healed by the time it was revealed.

The timing is about the only positive for the Colts. Luck could rest up and potentially only miss a game or two before returning to action. However, there’s a chance this could be a lingering issue, putting the Colts’ playoff hopes in serious jeopardy.


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