Here’s The Brilliant Way Cisco, EMC, SAP Are Fighting Oracle

SAP executive Dr. Vishal Sikka
SAP executive Dr. Vishal Sikka

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One of the more interesting consequences of Oracle buying Sun is how other enterprise tech companies are lining up in newly found love triangles to compete with the database giant.Take EMC, Cisco and SAP. A few weeks ago the three announced that they were building a new all-in-one bit of hardware that puts SAP’s in-memory database, HANA on Cisco’s popular server, sold with a big EMC enterprise storage system.

This was a super smart strategy. It makes a normally insanely complicated process — of getting a new kind of database up and running — into something a lot more simple. Drop in the all-in-one box and it’s half-way done.

But here’s the smartest part. An EMC employee posted a detailed account of how EMC is yanking out its Oracle databases to replace them with SAP HANA. It’s a project code named “Propel” within EMC. So far, EMC has moved its manufacturing and finance apps off of Oracle 11i and onto the new Cisco servers using HANA. EMC is still using Oracle 11i for its sales, customer service and apps, but plans to nix those as well, this employee says.

All of that is to prove to EMC and Oracle customers that HANA really can replace Oracle for classic database uses. Meanwhile, Cisco now has a whole new massive market to sell its servers to — SAP customers.

Traditional competitors IBM and SAP have always gone head-to-head with Oracle. But thanks to Oracle’s purchase of Sun, other vendors are lining up in new and creative ways, too.

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