Here's The Best Explanation Of Metadata We've Seen Yet

Many people are confused about the Government’s data retention plans and what metadata is.

Including Attorney-General George Brandis who on Wednesday disastrously attempted to explain data retention, metadata and what the government hopes to get out of his proposed scheme.

Under the compulsory data retention proposal Australian telecommunication companies will store phone and internet data for up to two years, as part of the governments new laws to combat terrorism.

But what is metadata?

In simple terms, metadata is the information produced from what you do on your computer, mobile, gaming console or smart-watch. Basically any technology you use creates data, and according to iiNet boss Steve Dalby, it can “reveal even more about an individual than the content itself.”

iiNet, who has been at the forefront of the fight against Telcos being forced to store this intricate information, has posted on its blog the best explanation of metadata we have seen to date.

Using freely available tools to check the embedded data on social media sites, iiNet has revealed the “metadata” attached to your posts.



Ordinary websites

Oh and it’s also going to cost you. Here is what you are going to have pay to enable the government to keep this information on you.

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