Here's the $4.1 trillion budget proposal Obama just sent to Congress

President Obama’s eighth and final$4 trillion-plus budget proposal will be sent to a Republican-controlled Congress on Tuesday.

Here’s some highlights:

  • Cut deficits by $2.9 trillion over 10 years [primarily by way of reforms in health programs, tax code, and immigration]
  • Bring deficit to $503 billion in fiscal 2017 [lower than the $616 billion budget gap in the current fiscal year which ends on Sept. 30]
  • Accelerate progress of preventing and treating cancer with an added $755 million 
  • Direct $19 billion for US cyber security
  • Direct another $7.5 billion towards Operation Inherent Resolve the name of the Combined Joint Task Force’s mission to eliminate the Islamic State (aka ISIS, ISIL, and Daesh)

And here’s the full proposed budget:


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