Here's the 1 thing Jodi Gordon swears she will never wear to the races

Photo: Getty / Mike Stobe

If there’s one woman who knows a thing or two about dressing for the Spring Racing Carnival, it’s Myer ambassador Jodi Gordon. The Australian celebrity is a fixture on the guest list for all the main events (Melbourne Cup, Derby Day, Oaks Day . . . the list goes on). To say she’s well-versed in the dress codes and trends would be an understatement.

So, ahead of the Melbourne Cup, we spoke to Jodi over the phone to pick her brain about race day etiquette and the dresses and accessories we can expect to spot track-side.

Photo: Getty / Mike Stobe

POPSUGAR Australia: What do you predict will be the biggest dress trend this year?

Jodi Gordon: I think it’s all about prints and lots of colour. That’s the direction fashion is going — you see it everywhere from dresses to pyjamas. I love that women are embracing it.

PS: What would you never wear to the races?

JG: I would never wear anything really short and tight, and no Lycra. The races are essentially a really beautiful, classy, classically-styled day. In saying that, there are all the dress regulations and rules for each race day but I love that women are starting to push the boundaries and incorporate high fashion in it. But that’s as far as it needs to go, no nightclub wear.

PS: What do you think the big headwear trends will be?

JG: I think headbands with oversized earrings will be a hit. I think we’ll also see a take on the bow or a knot this year.

PS: Yes, I love hair ribbons! What do you take in your bag?

JG: My phone, lip gloss, concealer, bronzer and Band-Aids if I’m wearing new shoes.

PS: Is there a shoe you avoid? Like really high stilettos?

JG: Do you know what? I always find myself in the highest stilettos, to be honest. And I regret it the next day but I don’t care because it looks great.

PS: Who do you think does Spring Racing the best?

JG: I always love what Jen [Hawkins] wears. I think she gets it right because she knows her body and she knows how to wear clothes that complement her features and physique. And I think that’s the key for women — knowing your body and then figuring out what colours, prints and shapes look good on you.

Photo: Getty / Mike Stobe

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