Here's Telstra's funny guide to a nutritious digital life

While the executive director of Telstra Digital, Gerd Shenkel, takes success seriously, telling the Daze of Disruption conference in Sydney that “you can’t tell people failure is OK”, it seems funny is OK.

The Telstra team just tweeted this little play on a nutrition pyramid, suggesting that Kim Kardashian’s steady diet of selfies is actually OK in the digital world.

The joke comes as Nutrition Australia released its new “Healthy Eating Pyramid“, which suggests that healthy fats should be used as sparingly as cat videos, and that plants, fruits and grains are the selfies of a normal diet and should make up around 70% of what we eat.

Comparing the Nutrition Australia and Telstra charts, you’re only allow to foodgram as often as you eat pulses, and only tuck into memes with lean meat, cheese, eggs and nuts.

Drunk tweeting’s not on the Telstra chart, which probably makes it the saturated fats of digital life.

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