Here's Some Of The Complaints That Saw An Ad Pulled From Radio For Being Too Sexual

The Advanced Medical Institute has been forced to withdraw its ad for oral strips from daytime radio.

The Advertising Standards Board received numerous complaints against the ad, which was “played on Fox FM during hours that children and teenagers would potentially be listening”.

If you’re easily offended, don’t read on, because here’s what it says:

“AMI’s revolutionary oral strips will help you give her the longest lasting, most passionate, show-stopping sex she has ever had. Get on the phone to hear her moan, moan, moan. Call AMI now…wrap up your premature problems in time for Christmas, 1800 40 40 50.”

“The ad is too verbally graphic,” one complainant wrote.

Others said it gave kids a false expectation of what sex was supposed to be like and was “disturbing”. Here’s a selection:

  • “Advertising something to make your partner ‘moan’ is very unnecessary.”
  • “This offended my wife and I and we believe is totally inappropriate in this time slot.”
  • “I would like to be able to listen to the radio at such times without having to hear a woman faux climaxing as she describes the product.”
  • “I had my kids in the car, who asked questions.”
  • “I believe this would make men feel uncomfortable if they can’t make a woman ‘moan moan moan’ as the ad suggests that is a problem that needs to be fixed.”

AMI defended its promotion, arguing that it was a well-known advertiser and the content would not surprise anyone listening on the radio stations it advertises on.

It said the stations had well-defined in-house protocols, such as not using the word “bonking” during breakfast broadcasts and AMI operated within those guidelines.

The standards board agreed the language wasn’t sexually explicit, but ruled the ad had to be pulled as it “puts the idea or notion of sex in an environment such as the family car”.

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