Here's Some Great Advice From Amazon's Tech Mastermind

Werner Vogels Amazon CTOAmazon CTO Werner Vogels

Photo: Amazon

Amazon’s CTO Werner Vogels is a visionary. He’s one of the reasons Amazon’s cloud has become such a big deal.Speaking at an event in London today, he said that enterprises need to start studying startups if they hope to have great IT systems, reports

Startups can’t do things the old way — there is no old way. They have to be experimental. Enterprises need to take that attitude with the cloud and big data and just hop in and start playing.

“The key is to experiment often and fail quickly,” said Vogels. “In the past some of these experiments were very expensive, and often the budget associated with them was sufficient to kill any new idea. But in the cloud, these price tags have been reduced significantly.”

Seems like good advice for just about anything. Don’t be afraid to fail or it will keep you from experimenting. Just fail fast and move onto the next experiment — and trust that it will all add up to something great.

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